E: info@repakelt.ie or T: 01 4618 600
E: info@repakelt.ie or T: 01 4618 600

Waste Tyre Regulation



In 2012 a review, commissioned by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG), of Producer Responsibility Initiatives (PRIs) uncovered major deficiencies in the tyre and waste tyre sectors, including that around half of the tyre operators were non-compliant. The Department then established a Tyre Working Group, which involved industry representatives, to assess the findings of that review.


The DECLG has licensed Repak ELT, a not for profit organisation, to replace TRACS and operate the single compliance scheme for End of Life Tyres (ELT) from November 1st 2015. In February 2015 Minister Alan Kelly (DECLG) announced the establishment of a PRI for waste tyres. Repak ELT will be operated in two phases. Phase one will facilitate the preparation of the industry, to allow them to transition smoothly through to the introduction of a PRI in phase two.


In a recent statement from Minister Kelly (DECLG) he stated that it is ‘Simply not good enough for an industry to ignore the need to deal with their own waste’

Waste Tyre Regulations

For details of the waste tyre regulations for tyres click on the link bellow.

Tyre operators who have been compliant with their waste obligations, will have little or no adjustment to make when joining the scheme. Repak ELT will help you continue to fulfil your waste obligations in a simple and stress free way



Registering and reporting to Repak ELT fulfils all your legal requirements in relation to how your business manages the waste it creates, whether directly or indirectly, through the manufacture and sale of tyres. As an active member of Repak ELT you will be exempt from any other obligations in relation to waste tyre management.


The regulations impose obligations on you the tyre operator, whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, importer, supplier, trader and retailer, as you supply tyres to the Irish market. Collectors and recyclers of End of Life Tyres (ELT) also have legal obligations for the management of the waste you handle.


Repak ELT’s objective is to monitor the movement of tyres through the industry, to ensure that the waste you generate, is managed in an environmentally sound manner. It will enable the industry to begin to have full traceability of its waste in preparation for the introduction of a PRI in stage two.