E: info@repakelt.ie or T: 01 4618 600
E: info@repakelt.ie or T: 01 4618 600


How to Join

Retailers and Producers wishing to join Repak ELT click here

Waste Collectors wishing to register with Repak ELT click here

Farmers wishing to register with Repak ELT click here


Who needs to join?


All operators in the tyre industry, interested in having a compliant business, should join Repak ELT.
As a tyre operator you have legal obligations as to how you need to report and handle tyres and waste tyres in your business. If you are a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, supplier, trader, retailer or a combination of more than one of these categories, the waste regulations impose obligations on you to report the tyres you manage, as you supply them to the Irish market. Collectors and recyclers of End of Life Tyres (ELT) also have legal obligations for the management of the waste you handle.


The regulations require you to prepare and present waste management plans and reports when submitting applications for registration and submit a report to the EPA by the 28th February of each year.


Membership of the Repak ELT scheme exempts you from having to prepare or submit the additional reports set out in the regulations.


Registering and reporting to Repak ELT fulfils all your legal requirements in relation to how your business manages the waste it creates, whether directly or indirectly, through the manufacture and or supply of tyres to the Irish market.

Non-compliant tyre operators

If you would like to bring any non-compliant tyre activity taking place in your area to Repak ELT’s attention then please click here.
This form can be filled out anonymously.

Compliance with waste regulations

Simply register and report to fulfil all your legal obligations. Membership exempts you from having to produce additional waste management plans and reports.

Hands on help to fill in reports

The team at Repak ELT are here to help complete your legal waste obligations in a simple and stress free way. You can contact the team by phone, email or fax to discuss your compliance needs.

Compliance certificate

Certificate to show your customers and relevant officials that your business is legally compliant with it’s waste obligations. It confirms that your business is playing an active role in protecting the environment and managing waste in a responsible manner.

Local Authority(LA) Lists

Local authorities receive monthly list of active members registered with the scheme. As this is the only scheme, officers will have a clear picture of who is compliant.


All information reported to Repak ELT is strictly confidential and absolutely secure. As was required with previous schemes, aggregate reports on how waste is being handled by the industry are requested by the EPA and Department of the Environment (DECLG). No individual member details are ever included in reports.

Published members list

A complete members list will be published on the Repak ELT website. Members must be up to date with their registrations and reporting, to be deemed active and have their business included on this list



2015 FEES – joining for 2015 is free

Membership fee 2016


Retailers/Wholesalers/Waste Collectors (Non importers)

Retailers/Wholesalers/Waste Collectors (Non importers) is €70 (incl. VAT) and €50 (incl. VAT) for each additional premises.


Producers/Importers: €0.10 (excl. VAT) per unit that you import.


Farmers: Transactions from WASTE COLLECTORS to FARMERS will be recorded, but there will be no fees applied to FARMERS