Simple Steps for joining Repak ELT



Who is a Producer?

The first person to put the tyre on the market (as a tyre sale or on a vehicle) is the Producer.  As a Producer you must join Repak ELT and register with the Producer Register limited (PRL) at 

Under the regulations you must charge the vEMC due on each tyre sold and show it as a separate line item where the sale price of the tyre is present. 

What do the regulations mean for you?


  • You must join Repak ELT
  • You must register and report to the PRL and may avail of the opportunity to opt in to share your data securely and confidentially with Repak ELT.
  • You must charge the vEMC due on each tyre sold, as a separate line item.
  • You must display your Repak ELT membership certificate.
  • A producer is prohibited from placing tyres on the market if you are not registered with PRL.
  • A producer who is established in another Member State or a country outside of the European Union may, by way of exception to Regulation 9 appoint an authorised representative to fulfil the obligations of that producer pursuant to these Regulations.

8 simple steps to joining Repak ELT

1.  Complete your membership application for Repak ELT

2.  Email to request your login details

3.  Complete your back reporting

4.  Adjust your software/ till system to show the vEMC

5.  Check your customers have joined the scheme

6.  Display your Repak ELT membership certificate prominently in your business

7.  Register with PRL and display PRL number on all documents

8.  Brief your staff and customers

Reporting is completed from 1st to 15th of each month

Visible Environmental Management Cost (vEMC)


As the first person to put the tyre on to the market you must charge the vEMC to you customer.  Your reporting will indicate an aggregate of the level of vEMC you have charged to your customers each month and you will be invoiced by Repak ELT for this amount. 

The vEMC is paid to you by your customer and they then charge it on to their customer, which carries down throughout the distribution chain concluding at retail level.  The vEMC is paid back to the tyre supplier at each step in the chain. 

The visible Environmental Cost (vEMC) must be listed separately everywhere the price of the tyres is shown –   on your website, invoices, receipts, catalogues etc. 

If you delay in joining you are liable for all vEMC on all tyres from October 1st.


Producers report to the PRL and you have the opportunity to share your data securely and confidentially with Repak ELT.

Producers must report

Number of tyres

  • Bought by category
  • Sold by retailer, by category

Tyres with zero rated vEMC must also be reported

Check your customers


Under the new tyre regulations you are prohibited from supplying tyres to non- members.

Check your customers are members of Repak ELT to avoid any inconvenience or interruption to your business.

Late joining


If you delay in joining in time for October 1st you can’t place tyres on the market and you will still be liable for the visible Environmental Management Cost (vEMC) from the start of the scheme. 




  • Who is a tyre Producer?

    A Producer is the first person to put the tyre on the market. They can be a manufacturer, wholesaler, tyre importer, vehicle importer, retreader or retailer importing directly.

  • How will the vEMC be managed?

    The vEMC is charged by the producer who is the first person to put the tyre on the market. They pay the scheme the vEMC. Each operator in the distribution chain charges the vEMC at point of sale, concluding in the retail outlet. Waste generate through the scheme is picked up by authorised collectors at no charge to the outlet.

  • How will opening stock be dealt with?

    Producers do not have to declare their opening stock

  • If you export tyres to the North do you have to charge the vEMC?

    No. Tyre exported outside the state are not subject to the vEMC.

  • What is the opt in option and what is its purpose?

    Repak ELT’s security system for data reporting is both confidential and secure. If as a producer you wish to share you data from your PRL reporting you can click on the opt in button and your details will be securely uploaded to the Repak ELT reporting portal.

  • Can I report by weight?

    No. All reporting is by unit

  • Will Producers be registered ahead of the scheme start date?

    Yes. Once the regualtions are signed the PRL will open registration for producers

  • How will PWT being imported be managed?

    All second hand, part worn tyres must be reported to the PRL on import. They are covered with the same regualtions as new tyres and must be reported at each step in the distribution chain.

  • How do I manage tyres with zero vEMC?

    For tyres with a zero rated vEMC you will continue to pay the disposal charge to your authorised collected. Even though they are zero rated these tyres must be reported and may only be collected by an Authorised Collector.

  • What kind of files can be uploaded for reporting?

    There are a number of options to make your reporting easier and to eliminate the need for manual input of data. Contact to discuss your reporting options

  • When does the vEMC need to be paid?

    The Producer (first person to put the tyre on the market)pays the vEMC at point of sale. The vEMC is then charged through the sales chain.

  • Is there help available to get the vEMC onto software systems?

    Yes Repak ELT can help you streamline your reporting. Email to request further details.

  • What rate of VAT is charged on vEMC?


  • Who enforces the Producer sector?

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces producer compliance.

The Waste Management (Tyres and Waste tyres) Regulations 2017 come into effect on October 1st. Are you ready to join?

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