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Member Audits

Member Audits
October 17, 2019 Stephen Kaye

Repak ELT would like to thank the 1000 members who have completed their audits to date. For those members who require support there is a comprehensive compliance assistance programme in place. The audits are on track to be completed for all members by the end of April 2020 and if you have any question regarding your forthcoming audit please contact:

Visible Environmental Management Cost (vEMC)
Under the current Tyre Regulations all direct tyre sales must have the visible Environmental Management Cost (vEMC) listed as a separate line item on all invoices and receipts. Please ensure you show the vEMC on all relevant paperwork.

Are you a producer?
If you import tyres and or vehicles directly, you are the first person to put these tyres onto the market, making you the legal producer and you need to :

  • Register with the Producer Register (PRL)
  • Pay the vEMC on these tyres whether imported separately or on vehicles.

Click here to visit for details of producer obligations.

The Waste Management (Tyres and Waste tyres) Regulations 2017 came into effect on October 1st. Are you ready to join?

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