Simple Steps for joining Repak ELT

Farmer Registration

Farmer Registration

Farmers must register with the scheme and all tyres must be recorded.

If you are a tyre operator, please register here

1 Farmer Name and Address

First Name

Second Name

Address 1

Address 2

Address 3 (optional)


Eircode (optional)


2 Farmer Details

Telephone No

Email Address

Herd/Flock No

Farm Information

*Only fill this section if your farm address differs from your main address.

Farm Address 1

Farm Address 2

Farm Address 3


Farm Eircode


Telephone No

Email Address

Main Contact

3 Tyre Usage

Total Silage Pit Floor Area

Additional Silage Pit Floor Area (optional)

Add another
Total Number Of Tyres Currently In Use

Total Number Of Tyres Required

The Waste Management (Tyres and Waste tyres) Regulations 2017 came into effect on October 1st. Are you ready to join?

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