Simple Steps for joining Repak ELT



How to apply to become an Authorised scheme collector?

You can apply to become an authorised scheme collector by completing the application form (link to Collector application form)

To complete your application, you will need the following documentation

  • Appropriate NWCPO collection and facility permits
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Third party verification form (for the recovery and recycling facilities you use)
  • Company registration details



If you would like to work with an Authorised Collector as a subcontractor, you still need to apply to Repak ELT.  You report into Repak ELT, once you have been successfully processed as a Repak ELT subcontractor, following your permit checks.

What do the Regulations mean for Collectors


  • As an Authorised Collector from October 1st you are prohibited from collecting waste tyres from        non- member outlets
  • Only Authorised collectors may give tyres to farmers (who must be registered with Repak ELT)
  • You must report the tyres managed by your business

5 steps to becoming an Authorised Collector


  • Apply online at to become an authorised collector
  • Check your customers have joined the scheme.  From 1st October 2017 Retail members of the scheme may only use Authorised Collectors.  In turn Authorised Collectors are prohibited under the regulations from collecting from an outlet who isn’t a member of the scheme.
  • Submit all the supporting documentation
  • Talk to Repak ELT about your options for reporting
  • Secure a recycling or recovery facility to manage your waste and submit corresponding third party verification forms (TPVF)


Payments are made to collectors only when the relevant reporting and supporting documentation, to confirm the end of life tyres have been manged in an environmentally sound manner, have been processed.



Authorised collectors will be paid by the scheme for tyre collection and processing.

For tyres with a zero rate of vEMC you will continue to charge your customer directly for these tyres. 

All tyres must be reported regardless of the vEMC rate.

If you have any concern that you are being requested to collect tyres which have not been funded through the scheme, please contact Repak ELT immediately. Repak ELT will only cover payments for scheme tyres collected from member outlets.



All reporting is online through our secure data portal. 

The reporting window is open from the 1st to the 15th of each month. Late reporting may delay the processing of your payments. 

You report the number of tyres each month collected

  • By retailer
  • By category

And the weight sent for processing

  • By waste facility




  • Can collectors collect from non scheme members?

    No. Authorised scheme collectors may only collect from Repak ELT members.

  • How do I become an Authorised scheme collector?

    Go to (link to collector application) and complete your application online

  • What do collectors do with Agri and Construction tyres(zero rated vEMC)?

    You must report all tyres including those at zero rate vEMC. You will continue to charge you customers directly for these tyres.

  • Am I automatially signed up for start of scheme?

    No. Even if you have been a member of Repak ELT during phase one you must apply to become an authorised collector for phase 2. Link to collector registration

  • Is there training available for reporting?

    Yes. Repak ELT will give you help with your reporting and documentation requirements. Email

  • What should I do if I have a concern about the volume of tyres for collection?

    If you are picking up waste tyres from a Repak ELT member and are concerned that some of the waste may not be scheme tyres, you should contact Repak ELT immediately.

  • Are waste collectors permitted to sell retail waste as PWT?

    No. End of life tyres discarded within the state are prohibited from being resold back onto the market for fitting onto vehicles.

  • If a member is late with their reporting can I still collect their tyres?

    If you have any concern that one of your customers is not fully compliance and up to date with their reporting, contact Repak ELT immediately on or call 01 4618 600.  Late reporting will cause collection to be halted.

  • Can I report by weight?

    No. All reporting is by unit

  • What if some of my customers are not members of Repak ELT?

    As an Authorised Collector you may only collect from scheme members.  Collecting non scheme tyres from non members could cause your contract to be compromised and could result in termination of your contract.

The Waste Management (Tyres and Waste tyres) Regulations 2017 came into effect on October 1st. Are you ready to join?

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