E: info@repakelt.ie or T: 01 4618 600
E: info@repakelt.ie or T: 01 4618 600

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REPAK – the compliance experts


Repak, a not for profit organisation, has been licensed by the DECLG to operate the waste tyre compliance scheme, for the Irish tyre industry. In establishing Repak ELT, Repak has drawn on the expertise it has gleaned from two decades in the waste compliance industry, where it has brought Ireland up to a lead position in packaging compliance, for Europe.

Repak has established robust, cutting edge security systems, to ensure all member details are treated in the strictest of confidence.



Following the Minister for the Environment Denis Naughton’s, appointment of REPAK to operate a compliance scheme for end of life tyres, the new Repak ELT scheme, operational from 1st November 2015, is the only waste tyre compliance option in Ireland.

Repak ELT compliance scheme is initially similar to the scheme previously run by TRACS.

Phase one of the scheme will be used as a transition period to prepare the industry, for the introduction of a PRI in phase two.

  • Minister Alan Kelly  wants industry to

    'Collect, sort and manage the waste they produce in an environmentally sound manner.'

REPAK ELT provides the tyre industry in Ireland with an independently operated waste compliance scheme, using the expertise in waste compliance from one of the leading compliance scheme operators in Europe.

REPAK ELT will ensure that the tyre industry can fulfil its obligations to the current waste regulations in a simple and stress- free way

While Repak ELT promotes End of Life Tyres (ELT) as a resource, it does not represent and does not have any vested interest in the processing of ELT or in any product made from ELT

From November 1st 2015, Repak ELT’s scheme will be the only licensed scheme in operation and tyre businesses concerned with continuing their compliance, are now invited to register with the new scheme.  It is important that companies ensure they do not experience any lapse in their compliance with their current waste obligations.

To view the Repak ELT approval from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government click here.

To view a copy of the Repak ELT scheme rules, click here.


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