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Do you have a Tyre Emergency ?

Repak ELT Tyre outlet members have listed their emergency numbers for you to contact them during the shut down period. Thank you to those who are able to offer this service.  You are keeping those who need to be on the road going. Click on this link to find your local tyre outlet.

Government support for business

For members looking to avail of financial support for your business we have included links to and below to help get you started.  It is recommended that you speak to your financial adviser/ accountant as they are familiar with your company details.

We have also included a link to the Road Safety Authority’s advice for commercial vehicles.

FAQ: click here

Temporary wage subsidy scheme:  Click here

Access to unemployment payment Click here

Road Safety Authority extension of road worthiness  Click here



Compliance is in everyone’s interest.  The higher the levels of compliance with the regulations, the more time enforcement officers have to focus their efforts on non-compliant operators.  The Local Authorities will enforce the retailer sector and the EPA will enforce the producer sector.



Repak ELT’s tyre compliance scheme tracks all tyres coming onto the market in Ireland throughout their life cycle to end of life.  Working with industry our goal is to develop better outcomes for end of life tyres to fulfil our environmental targets and advance the use of ELT as a resource. 

What do the new Tyre Regulations mean for you?


Explore the category below that best related to your business, bearing in mind you may have to look at more than one categories


is a person who purchases tyres or vehicles from a member producer

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is the first person to put a tyre or vehicle on the market

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 Repak ELT Registered Collectors only collect from member outlets

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Motor Dealer

Report the tyres relating to the vehicles you manage in your business

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Vehicle dismantlers report the tyres you manage in your business

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The unique life cycle of a retreaded tyre will be managed in the scheme

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Report the tyres recycled and recovered

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Tyre Casing

Truck casings collectors report the tyres managed in your business

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Must register (free of charge) to avail of tyres for your silage pit from Repak ELT Registered Collectors.

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The Waste Management (Tyres and Waste tyres) Regulations 2017 came into effect on October 1st. Are you ready to join?

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